And in the beginning …

Well, this is the third time I am starting a blog.  The first one lasted about two years and had about 200 followers.  I picked up most of those followers because of the Weekly Photo Challenges.  The other postings were sometimes good, sometimes bad.  I got bored.  I deleted the whole site.  I should have saved some of the better posts.  That’s hindsight for you.

The second time I started a blog was a little over a year ago, when I was diagnosed with MDS.  That is, myelodysplastic syndrome.   To be more specific, the MDS-RCMD flavor of the disease.  RCMD is an easy way to say refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia. That’s a mouthful.  After about two weeks, I took down that site as well. I just didn’t have the interest in maintaining the blog as I began my MDS journey.

Both the above blogs didn’t identify me.  This one may or may not.  I give the URL to those interested in my health. Some people don’t want to ask how things are going and sometimes I don’t want to bother telling others how things are going. This is one way for those I know to keep up on my disease progression and hopefully, cure.  There is no cure for MDS other than a bone marrow stem cell transplant.  That is the point where I am at – awaiting a transplant.


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