Pill-popping and stuff

Sometimes it seems that I am always taking drugs. The alarms/reminders I have set for each on my cell phone are an absolute necessity.  Besides the Vitamin K I take with breakfast, the probiotics I take with breakfast and dinner, and usually some fiber supplement I take daily, I have a full dally schedule of pill-popping, drinking, injecting and inhaling/exhaling.  I feel lucky.  There are five, that is, FIVE hours where I have nothing scheduled –  currently.   I’m sure some doctor will eventually prescribe something to fill those hourly slots.  Oh yeah – at night, I just hook me up to a CPAP.

  • Wakeup (usually between 0530 and 0630) –
    • Proventil inhaler (first puff of albuterol in the morning)
    • Synthroid, Allopurinol, Levofloxacin (pop my first pills)
  • 0700 Amicar, the liquid form, otherwise; it would be 6 pills in solid form
  • 0715 Daptomycin (IV push and flushing of the apheresis ports with saline and heparin)
  • 0730 Metoprolol/Acyclovir
  • 0830 Proventil – via nebulizer and AerobiKa OPEP device[1]
  • 0900
  • 1000 Voriconazole
  • 1100
  • 1200 Proventil inhaler
  • 1230 AerobiKa OPEP device
  • 1300
  • 1400
  • 1500 Amicar
  • 1630 AerobiKa OPEP device
  • 1700 Granix injections (now every 3 days)
  • 1800 Proventil inhaler
  • 1930 Metoprolol/Acyclovir
  • 0830 Proventil – via nebulizer and AerobiKa PEP device
  • 2100
  • 2200 Voriconazole
  • 2300 Amicar
  • Just before bed (usually between 2300 and 2330) –
    • Pravastatin, daily vitamins (some pill popping)
    • Proventil inhaler (final puff of the waking day)

PillsPlusThis means I get to carry drugs with me whenever I go somewhere.  But then, I really don’t go anywhere these days: maybe the store, at LEAST 2 days each week to High Dose where I can get labs drawn, blood and platelets, if needed; and nowadays, a weekly injection of Nplate (romiplostim) to boost my platelets.  Oh, such fun [Do you hear the sarcasm?].UsedSyringes

I wonder about these drugs and what they are doing to me.  The combination of them all – is it really “safe?”   I skim through the pamphlets that come with the drugs and look at the Web sites:  the side-effects are truly scary.  Let’s hope that these drugs are helping me more than hurting me.

The above-named drugs and devices are for hypothyroidism and for lowering high blood pressure, high cholesterol and elevated uric acid levels; for anti-everything (fungal, viral and bacterial); for keeping my platelets sticking together and for clearing the crud from my lungs.  None of them fix the bone marrow that needs fixing.  There are a few unlisted drugs in the above list for nausea and pain plus the occasional Imodium.

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Status:

Damned if I know! Still waiting for Infectious Disease and Pulmonary doctors to clear me for the transplant.  THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!

[1] https://www.monaghanmed.com/Aerobika


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