.3 miles

[ In the morning]

I feel good today.  I’m not feeling a bit “off” like I was yesterday.   Today, I seem to have plenty of energy. Today is May 18, and again, the date doesn’t really matter.   I reread yesterday’s post and it just seemed so down that I needed to add a cheery post to counter it.  I’m not going to get too cheery.  That would be ridiculous.  I don’t even know what I am going to say, but something will reach my fingers then the keyboard.

I am going to try for .3 miles today with a Tramadol appetizer.  We’ll see how it goes.  Cyndi will walk with me as she did yesterday.  Let’s hope my hips don’t hurt too much or that my back doesn’t spasm so much that she has to go home and get the car to bring me home.  Of course, Cyndi could use the lazy-parent trick-or-treat method by following in a car.  We see this every Halloween even though it is probably people that don’t live in the subdivision but in nearby apartments.  Our subdivision is generous at Halloween.  Anyway, Cyndi would want to walk and not follow in a car.

 [Later in the day]

Well, we are back from the walk. .3 miles.  I even had the notion that I could go a bit farther, but decided that it would be better to make sure I could walk back home.  Cyndi didn’t have to carry me or even get the car.  The hips didn’t hurt today, even though I could feel them at times.  The back muscles started to tighten a couple of times, but I paused before they got too tight.  I didn’t even get short of breath.  That’s a good thing. All in all, this was a good walk.

The strange thing with this disease – some days are bad, some are  good.  Today was a good day, an energetic day.  Besides the walk, I sketched out a design for replacement fencing we are considering and with a little help from Cyndi, fixed a gate with a hanging board and hung a mirror in the powder room.  That’s a lot of to-do’s for me even though it doesn’t seem like much to others.  And to end with something pleasant, the lilacs are blooming and smelling really nice.  Too bad you can’t smell what I smelled when I took this photo.  I really do like the smell of lilacs.

Blooming Lilacs





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