High Dose

I mention High Dose a lot in my posts.  Since the beginning of the year, I have come to High Dose over 80 times.  I still don’t know if HDTU is for High Dose Treatment Unit or High Dose Therapy Unit.  I keep forgetting to ask.  Sadly the place quite often felt like home this year, especially when I was going everyday for blood or platelets.

This is High Dose Room 8 in the Loyola Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center in Maywood, Illinois.  The dozen rooms are laid out slightly different, but the furnishings are the same.  Dark woods, pale blue walls, harsh fluorescent lighting that doesn’t light up the room, anemic bedside lighting and bright bathrooms is the best description I can give of each room.  The bed is adequate. The recliner is comfortable, but wearing shorts will make you wish you hadn’t reclined when your skin sticks to the chair.  The best part of these rooms?  The staff I have encountered as they take care of me in these rooms.  I thought about naming names but decided not to. I would be afraid I would miss someone’s name and that wouldn’t be nice.


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