Gandalf didn’t name his walking staff, but his sword was named Glamdring, and by a few other names.  King Arthur had his Excalibur.  There are many others.  A simple Web search finds that swords have names.  Walking sticks and canes do not.  It must be an elitist thing.  Well, meet Tramadol.


Tramadol, the cane

This is my cane.

I use it when I go walking and it has come in handy keeping me on my feet and moving.  The occasional, frequent, for a while, hip pain I was having is the reason I bought a cane.



Tramadol, the pill

The drug Tramadol is better for hip pain, but Tramadol the cane provides extra support.  I once forgot to take the drug Tramadol before my walk.  I did take the cane.  Maybe it’s a partial placebo effect, but my aches didn’t ache all that much. That’s how Tramadol got named.    Besides the hip pain, I have a problem with my back muscles tightening up when I walk.  When I pause as soon as I feel the tightening,  I can walk longer distances.  Having Tramadol to lean on helps a lot.


3 thoughts on “Tramadol

    • I think the day is getting better. I may be getting admitted tomorrow, the 20th, not yet ready for the killing chemo but a little plasmapherisis to clean my blood of antibodies. There is a minor debate on doing this in or outpatient. The cord blood is also on its way. It was ordered last Friday.


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